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Born in 2014 as an “an electronic rock project that quickly morphed into more traditional techno unit in 2016”, Acid Vatican is composed by electronic musicians Gianni Vercetti and Antoni Maiovvi, founders of Giallo Disco Records. 

Debuting in the UK for Unmasked 4th anniversary party next 7th September, we invited the duo to contribute to our podcast series and chatted with them about their past, present and future projects. 

Enjoy their interview and don't miss their first UK performance at Electrowerkz


Q: Hello guys! We’re happy to host your UK debut and we hope you’re looking forward to playing in London too. Can you anticipate something about what we should expect from your performance?


A: Only half the group will appear for the Acid Vatican DJ set, due to logistics and scheduling. It is the perfect solution to be a duo when there is more than one facet of our creative work being explored at all times. As half the group is British, it is perhaps ironic that this half will not be appearing, having observed the necessity to present the group as “exotic” for maximum market penetration. The show will, however, be good.


Q: Can you tell us a bit more about how and when Acid Vatican was born as a project?


A: Acid Vatican began life as an electronic rock project in 2014 that quickly morphed into a more traditional techno unit in 2016. Anton and Gianni are the masterminds behind Giallo Disco Records established 2012, but have been friends for much longer. Acid Vatican is strong like a bear and will remain that way until time stops.


Q: Since last May you’re part of the mighty A+W roster. What does this mean for you as musicians?


A: Acid Vatican have little interest in scenes and/or trends, however, A+W was responsible for solid distribution of our first 12” and the booking of our first live show and for that we are grateful and would be happy to sit and have cocktails with Philipp and the gang at any point.


Q: Any upcoming project of yours that you want to share with us? 


A: We have finished some new tracks as Acid Vatican. Gianni is working on tracks as Gianni Vercetti and Antiterror. Antoni Maiovvi has projects coming out under the following aliases - Time Precinct, Johnswartzwelder, Black Sea Crime Complex. There is also more film music to be released.


Q: Tell us something about the mix that you’ve prepared for Unmasked.


A: You can dance to it!

Interview By / Stefania Trinchero.

Published / 30.08.2019

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