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5 questions to get to know…


Anatolian Weapons is one of the three aliases used by Athenian Aggelos Baltas, who has been playing and producing music for almost ten years now. 

After inviting him to contribute to our Unmasked Discussion Series, we had the pleasure of briefly catching up with the artist about his latest release, the scene in Greece and his music influences.

Here’s what he told us…


Q: Hello Aggelos and welcome on Unmasked! 

Thanks for taking the time out for this interview.

You have been making music using three aliases: Anatolian Weapons, Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi. Is there any difference between these three, in terms of the music you make and the type of sound you are after? 


A: Thanks for having me! Fantastikoi Hxoi started as a more krautrock project, Dream Weapons is more techno/acid/ebm and Anatolian Weapons is reserved for more global music. There is, of course, some overlap always...


Q: You have been playing and making music for over a decade now. Which artists inspired you in your early days and who does so nowadays?


A: For my early days I guess it must have been Brian Eno if I had to choose one, also a lot of krautrock (the more electronic stuff) and early Warp. Also Radiophonic stuff like Delia Derbushire. Nowadays my inspiration comes mostly from Djs like Lena Willikens, Vladimir Ivkovic, Alexis Le Tan, Phuong Dan, Intergalactic Gary, Mick Wills and Traxx.


Q: You are from Athens, how would you describe the Greek scene to someone who wanted to come party there?


A: There is something for everyone I guess. The scene is relative small but very vibrant.


Q: As a producer, your latest release is “To The Mother of Gods” out on Beats in Space a few months ago. Can you tell us a bit more about this project? 


A: I came across the psych folk music of Seirios Savvaidis and was blown away. I emailed him asking if he would like to collaborate. Lena Willikens played one of the songs on Beats In Space, which caught the ear of Tim Sweeney and we went from there…


Q: Tell us something about the mix that you prepared for Unmasked.


A: …Just some new records that I like.

Interview By / Stefania Trinchero.

Published / 12.07.2019

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