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5 questions to get to know…


The latest episode of Unmasked Discussion is a vinyl-only podcast coming from Dzuma, Polish artist and promoter.

We had the pleasure of chatting with him about the newly born and vibrant scene in Poland, his inspirations and upcoming plans for his party series Syntetyk, a project focusing “on dirty sounds, analog gear and visuals.”

Here’s what he told us …


Q: Hello Dzuma, welcome on Unmasked and thanks for taking the time to answer these 5 questions for us. 

It’s been quite difficult to find information about you online. Is this a choice? Can you tell us more about how you got into music?


A: I was always into music, learning to produce myself, digging through the Internet and vinyl records.


Q: Which artists inspired you in this path? Who are your favourite DJs and producers nowadays?

A: I work at Side One record shop in Warsaw, browsing through music all the time so there is an infinite number of artists in various genres that inspire me.


Q: The scene in Poland (and Warsaw specifically) seems particularly strong. In the last couple of years we have seen an increasing number of international Djs playing there, you guys throwing parties that everybody seems to talk about and there are also a lot of new Polish names on the global scene. What makes the Polish scene so interesting in your opinion? 


A: The Warsaw scene is interesting because it doesn't have a history like the one in Berlin or in London; the same goes to Cracow and other cities. It's all brand new and the people working on the scene are making the history.


Q: How would you describe your party series Syntetyk to someone who wanted to come?

A: Syntetyk is a project that focuses on dirty sounds, analog gear and visuals. In the beginning, there were mostly local artists playing, but recently we started to invite more foreign artists. We also started our label with the first 12" by Dyktando, soon available through our Bandcamp and local shops.



Q: Tell us something about the mix that you prepared for Unmasked.

A: I used only vinyl records and mostly picked the ones that I bought recently. 

I tried not to overthink it and played it in one take, so the mix feels real. I'm not a fan of Ableton prepared podcasts (laughs).

Interview By / Stefania Trinchero.

Published / 31.05.2019

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