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5 questions to get to know… 

Hailing from Barcelona, NX1 is the project by Surit and Samot, duo that came in with strength into the global techno scene with the release of their first record on their label in 2011. Since then, the two have released on several labels, such as End of Dayz, Semantica and BITE and contributed to the projects of artists like Oscar Mulero, Kirk Degiorgio and Terence Fixmer.

We invited NX1 to prepare a mix for our Unmasked Discussion and asked them a few questions about their love for vinyl, the visual side of their project and their plans for the future.

Enjoy the interview and the mix!


Q: Hello both and welcome on Unmasked! 

I was very intrigued by your site where I read more about your label and your concept of “music as nexus”. Could you tell us a bit more about how you guys met in 2011 and decided to start this project? 


A: Hello! Well, we’ve talked about this so many times. We know each other since we were very young, from the childhood. We grew up together and we started making music together too, for a long time before we started anything. After many years, we decided to start a project and that’s how it came about. 


Q: You defend vinyl as format “par excellence, living with digital format and future that may come”. Can you elaborate? 


A: It’s easy! Since before the 2000’s both formats have been existing together in the music industry. We come from vinyl, we played vinyl for many years and we will always release on vinyl. We buy vinyl and it’s thanks to vinyl that we are here today. We know that both formats can exist together but we don’t forget our roots and want our music to be always released on a physical piece of art and not only on a binary code.


Q: The visual side of your project seems to have a fairly important role for your label. Is this something you personally curate as well?


A: It’s been always together. We think of it as an extension of our music. For seven years we have made videos for every NX1 release on our label and sometimes for other labels too. The video side of our project is actually becoming less prominent and the graphic design is taking a bit more importance, with the covers and so…


Q: You have released on a quite varied range of labels, starting from your own, but also on End of Dayz, Semantica or BITE. Any new release planned for the near future that you want to share with us?


A: Yeah! As remixers, we have some new stuff coming up. We also have an EP scheduled for October on another label, that we are very excited about. We’ve also been working on the next NX1 Utter 2, so there are several things that are keeping us busy until the end of the year.


Q: Tell us something about the mix that you prepared for Unmasked.

A: It could perfectly be a club set. It’s our sound, with some unreleased and upcoming music, but also some tunes that we’ve been playing during the last years. Hope you enjoy it!

Interview By / Stefania Trinchero.

Published / 29.07.2019

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