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The second episode of The Dancefloor Has Spoken, the new series of interviews with London clubbers launched by Unmasked in March, is here. 

The project celebrates the authenticity of our community, putting a new spotlight on the crowd and their stories.  In times when we can’t party because of the current pandemic, we are happy to bring back memories from the dance-floor, knowing that we will all dance again soon. 

We are beyond excited to announce that our second guest for this project is Luke Anderson-Loran, with whom we chatted about the best parties in town, how his work is inspired by the scene, and his fantastic wedding with Fran that many of us witnessed last year.

Enjoy the interview!


Q: Hello Luke! 

Thanks a lot for accepting our invitation and for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Tell us something about yourself. How did you get into techno and when did you discover the scene in London?


A: I moved from my home city Nottingham to London about 9 years ago but I didn’t really discover the incredible scene we have until much later, around 3 or 4 years ago. I was working the door of a queer party in East London and made a lot of friends who introduced me to parties like Unmasked and Kaos!


Q: Do you think our scene in London is different from any other that you experienced elsewhere? What does it make it so special?


A: It’s an overused and cliché thing to say but it really is true of the London scene; we are a family! Our scene is so rich and diverse, open-minded and free-spirited that it’s kind of impossible not to fall in love with it.

The different parties on offer are all really varied too, there’s something for everyone and everyone is welcome! There are little pockets and friendship groups within each party, but it isn’t cliquey like other cities or scenes can be. Ultimately, we are all there for the same reason. 

Parties like Unfold and HTBX are perfect examples of how having the same shared core values as a collective can really add something special to a party. We are a tight-knit group but always open to new members. I’m really proud of our scene and what we’ve all built together.


Q: Last year, you and your husband Fran celebrated your wedding at FOLD. It surely was an event to remember, both for the invitees and for you. 

Can you tell us a bit more about how you guys decided to celebrate in a club? How was the experience for you guys? 


A: Well, we met at a techno party, so it seemed only right that we’d celebrate with a techno party! FOLD is very close to our hearts and we fell in love with the venue from day one, so we got in touch and set up a meeting. We proposed our ideas for the day and what we wanted and asked if they would be willing to host it. Without even a pause it was an instant ‘YES! It would be an honour!

As a surprise for our guests we had one of our closest friends, Mama, ordained as a real minister within the Universal Life Church.  Halfway through a set, Mamma walked out, stopped the music, announced what was about to happen, and then remarried us again on the dance floor in front of the DJ booth! It was an unforgettable experience, I think not just for us but for everyone there too. It’s not every day you get to see a real techno wedding happen in a club.


Q: You are the owner, designer and producer at Luke W Anderson, brand of unisex fetishwear and accessories, very popular among clubbers.

As a creative, do you find inspiration from the scene and the people you meet when you are out partying? 


A: Absolutely! It all began with me designing and making things for Fran and myself to wear.  People started to take notice at parties and they would ask if they could place an order…fast forward a couple of years and it is now my full-time job! The inspiration I draw from the people I meet and the amazing experiences I have is often more general rather than towards a specific piece. After a great weekend of partying, I am in such a great place mentally; I feel really creative and motivated to design something new or finish a project I already have. A great rave really sets me up for the week.

Combining two of my biggest passions is Klub Verboten, a members-only fetish party with a difference; it’s super sexy, no-nonsense, contemporary and the first of its kind in London. The team behind it has great taste and eye for detail and I have found myself designing something and thinking ‘Fuck yeah, I can picture this in the dungeon/on the dancefloor of Verboten!


Q: At the time of this interview, the world is in lockdown, clubs are closed and events canceled for the foreseeable future. Are you missing the dancefloor? How do you imagine the first party or night out, when this is over? 


A: Oh god, I’m missing it a LOT. But I’m very lucky to live with some of my best friends (one is a DJ and another produces) and we all love techno. So to make up for the lack of parties we’ve had a few housemates-only house parties which have been a lot of fun. Fran and I have started to learn to mix too, so it has been a very bonding experience for us to play B2B2B2B!

Honestly, the first party…I’m worried! In a good way of course. It’s going to be very intense. It will be emotional for sure and give us much-needed release, I just don’t know how they are going get us off the dancefloor when it’s time to stop!

Interview By / Stefania Trinchero.

Photo Credit Zbigniew Kotkiewicz - IG @zbigniewkotkiewicz

Published / 13.05.2020

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