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Design and music are deeply interconnected. One could say that the same fire ignites the passion for both. Often people interested in design are great music connoisseurs and those who appreciate good music seem to be wanting to dip their toes in design as well.

History proves us right, with many examples of musicians coming from art schools (David Bowie, to just name one), as well as many designers who deepened their area of expertise, working with success for the music industry (remember Peter Saville and his work for Factory Records?).

Another example coming from the electronics realms is Mike Parker, techno titan and teacher of fine arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Far from wanting to compare ourselves to these names, we also believe that music and design are inextricably linked. During the last four years, Unmasked has tried to use the power of images, to convey different messages about our collective, society and the world around us.

We started in 2016 with our most minimal and pure aesthetics. Our aim was to represent love, for the scene, for the music and for what we were trying to create. As there is nothing more pure than love for music, and nothing more beautiful than love itself.

Minimalism is a concept of life where one tends to possess, want and do only what is essential. It is not about living in a sterile space. It´s about escaping the excesses of the world around us, inspired by what art itself has taken its cues from. Mental space.

This way of life allows one to concentrate one's strength and mind on the most humble and accessible things to the human being, things that give meaning and value to life. Love is one of them.

Our visual identity in 2016 develops around our logo, with a delicate and simple design that elaborates from the concept of love.


In 2018 we made a big change in our essence, deciding to pay homage to Ancient Greece and its philosophy. Appreciative of their line of thought that sees society as a community, we also see life as a point in time where tragic exists, but is part of reality and therefore accepted.

Our design of two years ago reflects these philosophical explorations, featuring intense images of body parts and gestures. A new colour is also introduced: red, the colour of emotions and passions.

In 2019, we changed again moving to something more occult, enigmatic and surreal. Our design reflects a new take on society and its fictitious nature, seen as an immutable imaginary order. Humans are seen as part of this apparatus. This dimension is dramatic, but useful to live.

No one wants to hear about 2020 anymore. But this is the year where we have gone even further, taking a stance on what we see, trying to create meaningful conversations through the power of images.

We have gone with this and decided to show the faces of the artists in our creatives, as a satirical way to reflect society’s appreciation of appearing over being.

We look forward to preparing new designs for the years ahead, always keeping in mind that music is the most mysterious gift we are endowed with. Our only tool to transforms time into space, a book to read at eyes closed, expressing feelings often untranslatable with words.

Written by / Stefania Trinchero

Published / 28.10.2020

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