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Who We Are

Unmasked Magazine is the newly born project by the founders of Unmasked. Unmasked originally launched in 2015, with the first two events being held in a disused railway arch which helped solidify the vision behind the name - a vision that continues to grow within the unique space of its beloved home Electrowerkz. 

What We Do

With a specific focus on the Unmasked event series, the Magazine explores the junctions of techno, EBM, industrial, acid, electro and musicality that is pushing the boundaries in between. 

Unmasked Magazine will provide the best news about the London techno scene, exclusive interviews with the artists, great podcasts and much more.

Our Mission

Unmasked was born out of the fight for freedom. Tired of wearing a mask - being bound by the expectations of society. Unmasked is a sacred space to embrace authenticity. Of being in the moment, as exactly who we decide to be - without expectation, fear or judgment, a space to be truly free - to be: Unmasked. 


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