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Design and music are deeply interconnected. One could say that the same fire ignites the passion for both. During the last four years, Unmasked has tried to use the power of images, to convey different messages about our collective, society and the world around us. That’s what has influenced our visual identity. Discover how our aesthetics have changed over time in our new article.



Last 25th September, Oval Space teamed up with Eventbrite to present A Greener Blueprint, an evening of networking and talks about the sustainability of clubbing.

The future of clubbing is green


Still buzzing for the unique opportunity and for having witnessed London’s absolute premiere, Unmasked had the pleasure of hosting Phase Fatale’s first All Night Long, on Saturday 22nd of June. 

Phase Fatale All Night Long


Unmasked explores the possible connection between techno and meditation, two worlds that stand less apart than we think.

Techno and meditation: the unexpected connection


Fabric hosted a one-off special exhibition, celebrating the history of Club Culture around the world and focusing on the peculiarities of eight vibrant scenes of the last 50 years of club culture. Read our review!

Club Culture: Fabric explores the history of clubbing


Saturday 16th March was one for the books and we had the most mind-blowing start to the season we could have ever asked for. For our first date of 2019, we returned to our home Electrowerkz and invited Italian Techno activist Freddy K, for a 4-hour vinyl only set.

Freddy K

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